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APR Feb 2005
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-- news --

well, goddammit, I finally updated. actually, it's my second time this month.
I wonder if I can keep it up.
I wonder if anyone notices. hehe.

there are three lists I'm on.
I've been trying hard to make my comics, even during this school year, so I'd appreciate it if you voted whenever possible
just to make me feel better. you know, boost my self esteem.
not that you really like my comic or anything.

i feel so ashamed.
how long has it been since i updated? too long.
well, i promise. starting today, regular updating. or as close to regular as i can get.
for some reason, i have this sneaking suspicion i'll be making more comics during school than during the summer
or at least this last half of summer. maybe not wanting to do homework will be good motivation
so i'm going to go for a monday-wednesday-friday schedule. if not, then at least 2-3 times a week on other days.
so don't despair. and if you haven't come here in a while, then rejoice. because five-minute comic is back!

oh, and look. i'm not using ms paint anymore. i'm going to try using photoshop. it makes it look cleaner.
but don't worry, it still looks crappy. and it still takes five minutes. so it's still about the same.

i'm back from the dead. yay. i'll write more here later.

dangit. i'm in the 50s for the Funny Papers. cmon guys, vote for me. please? now!

i am now officially off at a journalism workshop. i'm typing this before a class starts.
as it turns out, i could only do one week worth of comics before i left
i don't quite know whether or not i'll be able to make any comics before and after classtime, etc
so just check after this saturday to see if i'm able to make any updates or not
if not, then just wait for one week. please don't leave me...

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